Thanks for visiting our website! May God richly bless you in every area of your life. 

King Jesus Church is a new church plant in England, AR that will be ethnically diverse, non denominational, and Spirit-led, while operating under the leadership of Jesus Christ, according to the Father’s will. My vision is for a church where everyone is equal regardless of race, economic status, and cultural differences. A church where people don’t judge one another, but support and pray for each other. God doesn’t show favoritism and neither should we (Acts 10:34).

Where is the power? Where are the miracles? Where are the signs and wonders? They’re happening all over the world like never before in history. Jesus said to pray, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6:10). In heaven there’s no sickness, no pain, no depression, or shame, and Jesus said pray for heaven on earth! That’s why the KJC motto is - ON EARTH as it is in HEAVEN!

You’re invited to be our guest at King Jesus Church that will be meeting in my apartment (apartment 128, Benafield Dr, England AR, 4:30 pm on Sundays) in the near future, until we need to relocate to a bigger location. 

I know God is healing the sick, delivering those in bondage, and miracles are a reality today, because in my 25 years of pastoring in New York and Arkansas, I’ve witnessed God’s power first hand. And I’m here to help you experience God’s power in your life. 

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Together we can make a difference in our community and the world. 

Join me for the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll be glad you did!

In Christ and for His glory, 

Dr. Kai Haley, pastor